Knights Sword Affiliate Program

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50% Commissions on all Orders you Refer 

Power System Pro = $67/2 = $23.5 on each order

              Power System & Monthly Vendor = $49.99/2 = $24.99 per month Residual Income (Lifetime of Referral)

First 20 Paid Referrals

You will receive a Free Vacation Incentive Valued at $1,500 and be featured in our newsletter as on the Fast track to Knights Sword Certificate

100 Paid Referrals

     Second Free Vacation Incentive & $1,000 Bonus on top of your 50% Commissions

You will also Receive our Knight's Sword Certificate. And be featured in our Newsletter again that week.   

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1,000 Paid Referrals

You will receive the Ultimate Affiliate Certificate for Non Recruitable's Knights Sword program and a $20,000 Bonus Added on to your $1,000 Bonus and the 50% referral commissions you received. 


That’s a Total of $54,500 for becoming Non Recruitable's Ultimate Knights Sword Affiliate